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Cargo Ventilation and Precautions to Minimise Sweat

DO NOT VENTILATE if the dry bulb temperature of the outside air is less than 3°C cooler than the average cargo temperature at the time of loading, or warmer. In order to apply the Three Degree Rule, it will be necessary for the ships staff to take a number of cargo temperature readings during loading. Carriage of steel cargoes -Index Guidelines for Members For handling steel coils, chains and wire rope slings should never be used. Thesafest lifting gear is a round steel pole through the centre of the coil, or a "C" hook. The correct method of stowing hot and cold rolled steel coils (except for palletisedcoils) is usually with their centre cores fore and aft.


2. The new version allows higher steel coil loading on tank top. Especially for coils heavier than 20MT. 3. Similar to our previous steel coils version, apart from the Maximum Allowable Steel Coils Loading, we also provide the Actual Steel Coils Loading option. 4. For STOWAGE PLAN purposes the new version print outs, include tables showing for each Cargo Hold weight, number of coils per row/tier Damage to Steel Cargos Solis MarineJan 10, 2019 · For incorrectly stowed sheet steel coils, there is very little that can be done to remedy and make safe the incorrectly loaded cargo, it usually requires unloading and correct re-stowing a time consuming and costly operation. Figure 3:When rolled sheet steel coils are incorrectly stowed and secured and the vessel encounters bad weather. Guidelines for storage and handling BlueScope Steel s 3.1 Coils Bore Horizontal 7 3.1.2 Single-High Coil Storage 8 3.2 Coils Bore Vertical 11 3.3 Plate and Sheet Packs (roll formed and flat steel) 13 3.4 Mesh Products 17 3.5 Long Products (rod, bar, beams, columns, etc) 17 Contents Guidelines for storage and handling BlueScope Steels products

Incident Information on Steel Coils Causing Damage to Tank

Sep 27, 2013 · Steel coils should not be considered as an evenly distributed load unless the weight is thoroughly distributed by strong steel beams and/or very (very!) thick pieces of wood, as dunnage. A good rule of thumb is that the steel coil weight should be SAFE DELIVERY AND UNLOADING OF STEEL PRODUCTSstraps, chains, load retention posts (when transporting coil), or side posts (when transporting sections, tubes and other long products) must be capable of restraining the load. Securing of coils on ocean-going ships Transport Locking coils should not (cannot) be placed on the sloping surfaces of double-bottom wing tanks. The second or subsequent layers must be stowed in the cantline, i.e. not against the ships side. Steel strapping is recommended for securing coils. The following example is modelled on

Supporting safe steel coil transport - DNV

Feb 20, 2019 · Supporting safe steel coil transport Cargo planners preparing the stowage of steel coils in the cargo hold of a general dry cargo ship or bulk carrier often lack adequate cargo-type-specific information which they need to determine the permissible cargo load and avoid damage to the ship The Carriage - GardPre-loading surveys of steel products 21 Steel coils from China contaminated by asbestos 22 P&I incidents involving steel cargoes 23 1 See article Pre-load Surveys of Steel Products in Gard News 144, of December 1996. the load on the ships structure is within its strength limits (e.g., deck load in The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage - Shipping and The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage 3 Table of Contents Preface 4 Chapter 1 Introduction 6 Chapter 2 Types of damages 8 2.1 Physical Damage 10 2.2 Reasons for Physical Damage 11 2.3 Wet Damage 16 2.4 Reasons for Wet Damage 17 2.5 Contamination Damage 19 2.6 Reasons for Contamination Damage 20 2.7 Reefer related Damage 21


Mar 07, 2019 · Concerning the loading of mixed weight / size of coils in each row and/or tier, the involved checks for Steel Coils Loading shall be performed in two levels at first from local strength aspect taking into consideration the Double Bottom Structure & secondly from complete ship loading aspect through specialized Loading Programs covering Longitudinal Strength, Trim, Draughts, Stability, Hold Flooding URS17