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Analysis of common surface defects of hot rolled steel

Aug 11, 2020 · Hot-rolled steel sheets and strip products are one of the important steel products. With the application and development of hot-rolled sheets in all aspects, users requirements for products are becoming more and more stringent. While users pay more attention to the quality of steel plates, they also pay more attention to the appearance quality of products. HOT ROLLING PRACTICE An Attempted Recollectionchange temperature for 0.68 % carbon steel is 7380 C. At lower or higher carbon percentage, this phase change temperature increases and therefore, the temperature to which the steel is heated for hot rolling is increased accordingly. However, in practice steel is actually heated to a temperature of about 500 C

Microstructural analysis of hot-rolled, low-carbon steel

Microstructural analysis of hot-rolled, low-carbon steel strips. Rafael Colás. Related Papers. Texture evolution and probability distribution of Goss orientation in magnetostrictive FeGa alloy sheets. Evolution of Microstructure and Texture During Warm Rolling of a Duplex Steel. Pickling of Hot Rolled Strip of Carbon Steel in Pickling Apr 23, 2013 · Pickling of Hot Rolled Steel Strip of Carbon Steel in Pickling Lines Pickling is carried out in order to prepare (remove scale or oxides) the steel surface for the next process of cold rolling. The oxide scale is required to be completely removed from hot rolled steel strip before subsequent cold rolling to prevent wear on the rolls and to avoid surface defects in the cold rolled product. Scale formation and its removal in Hot Rolling processDuring hot rolling of steel, its surface is exposed to air which leads to oxidation, resulting in scale formation. The scale formation is affected by the temperature, steel grade, surrounding atmosphere and the exposure time. There are two kinds of scales relevant in rolling mills sticky and dry scales.

Technical Report Deformation Behavior of - Nippon Steel

Steel strips are hot rolled in a temperature range from 800 to 1 200°C, and an oxide film called scale forms on the steel surfaces during heating and rolling. The Coefficient of Friction During Hot Rolling of Low Hot rolling tests were performed on low carbon steel strips with the objective of determining the coefficient of friction as a function of the process variables. The effect of lubrication on mill loads during hot rolling Jan 01, 2001 · Hot rolling experiments have been conducted, using low carbon steel strips. The effects of water, oil/water emulsions, neat oil and dry conditions at the roll/strip surface, on the resulting loads and temperatures were examined. The 1 :1000 oil-to-water mix

U001en Hot-Rolled Steel Sheets and Coils

Hot-Rolling Hot-rolled coil is made by continuously rolling the slab, after heating the slab in the reheating furnace, by the roughing mill and finishing mill, and coiled for a easier transportation. At the hot-rolling process, strictly controlling the temperature and the roll surface is essential in producing a high productive Hot-Rolled Steel What is a Hot Rolled Steel? - Definition from CorrosionpediaDec 28, 2016 · Hot rolling is often the cheapest way to form steel because additional steps that cold rolled steel requires, such as annealing, are avoided. A bluish iron oxide layer, known as mill scale, forms on the surface of hot rolled steel due to the elevated temperature.Cold & Hot Rolled Strip Steel Supplier Lapham-Hickey SteelHot rolled strip steel is a versatile low carbon steel available pickled or unpickled, and manufactured to tight tolerances. Lapham-Hickey hot rolled strip steel comes in a wide range of grades and qualities.