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Anti-CD3 (human), PerCP, clone SK7 Antibody MABF1739

Anti-CD3 (human), PerCP, clone SK7 Antibody is an antibody against CD3 for use in Flow Cytometry. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Anti-CD3 antibody [17A2] (PerCP-Cy5.5) (GTX01458-11) Rat Monoclonal CD3 antibody [17A2] (PerCP-Cy5.5). Validated in FACS. Tested in Mouse. Cited in 259 reference(s).

Anti-CD3 epsilon Antibody (PerCP) - Abcore

Anti-CD3 epsilon antibody (PerCP) raised in goat and conjugated to PerCP. Product Documents Datasheet PDF MSDS PDF. Product Details. Host Species Goat. Clonality Polyclonal. Conjugate PerCP. Purification Affinity purified using the immunizing peptide. CD3 Antibody (17A2) [PerCP (Peridinin-chlorophyll Protein Alternate Names for CD3 Antibody (17A2) [PerCP (Peridinin-chlorophyll Protein Complex)] CD3 Antibody (OKT3) [PerCP] (NBP2-24867PCP):Novus CD3 (cluster of differentiation marker 3) is a multi-subunit transmembrane protein that is eed on the surface of T-cells and forms a complex with the T-cell receptor (TCR) (1-3). CD3 consists of four distinct membrane protein isoforms:CD3-delta (delta),

CD3e / CD3 epsilon Antibody (PerCP), Mouse MAb

This antibody was produced from a hybridoma resulting from the fusion of a mouse myeloma with B cells obtained from a mouse immunized with purified, recombinant Human CD3e / CD3 epsilon (rh CD3e / CD3 epsilon; Catalog#10977-H08H; NP_000724.1; Met1-Asp126) and conjugated with PerCP under optimum conditions, the unreacted PerCP was removed. Mouse CD3 PerCP-conjugated Antibody FAB4841C-100:Detection of CD3 in Mouse Splenocytes by Flow Cytometry. Mouse splenocytes were stained with Rat Anti-Mouse B220/CD45R APCconjugated Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # FAB1217A) and either (A) Rat Anti-Mouse CD3 PerCPconjugated Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # FAB4841C) or (B) Rat IgG 2B PerCP Isotype Control (Catalog # IC013C).View our protocol for Staining Membrane-associated Peridinin-Chlorophyll-protein, PerCP - Secondary AntibodiesHuman peripheral lymphocytes were stained with unconjugated anti-CD3 (B-D Pharmingen) and PerCP-conjugated secondary antibody from Jackson ImmunoResearch (green), or with biotin-conjugated anti-CD3 (B-D Pharmingen) and PerCP-streptavidin from Jackson ImmunoResearch (blue).

anti-CD3 antibody (PerCP) Product No. ABIN1981862

CD3 antibody (CD3) (PerCP) Primary Antibody CD3 Reactivity:Mouse FACS, Func, ICC, IHC (fro), IP Host:Hamster Monoclonal 145-2C11 PerCP anti-CD3 antibody (PerCP) Product No. ABIN302049Mouse Monoclonal CD3 antibody for FACS, Func, IP, MCA. Published in 8 Pubmed References. Order anti-CD3 antibody ABIN302049.CD3 Antibody, PerCP-eFluor 710 (46-0036-42)CD3 may play a role in TCR-induced growth arrest, cell survival and proliferation. The CD3 antigen is present on 68-82% of normal peripheral blood lymphocytes, 65-85% of thymocytes and Purkinje cells in the cerebellum. It is never eed on B or NK cells.