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Oct 15, 2019 · 58 cal round ball size.. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post:click the register link above to proceed. Balls, Bullets and Blanks - Dixie Gun Works800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U.S.:1-731-885-0700 Information Line:1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. MON-FRI 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST

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Ammunition for high performance Rifle, Pistols, and Revolvers. High performance Conical Bullets, Sabots, Round Ball, as well as the "Best of the Best bullet of the year, the Smackdown by Traditions" We also stock the XTP Hunter, Hornady Ammunition, and the Traditions Plinker/ Sight In Bullet Packs. Bullets, Projectiles, & SabotsThese 36 caliber, .375 diameter bullets are specifically designed to feed your .36 Remington Navy, Navy Colt or other .36 caliber black powder revolvers. 100 count. All Arlington Cast Projectiles are hand cast in small batches of high quality soft lead. Every ACP product is made here in the USA in beautiful Alabama under tight temperature controls to ensure the projectiles are shiny and uniform. Hunters Supply Buy Online Black Powder Cast Lead Bullet How To Contact Us Hunters Supply 1177 State Highway 96 Regina, NM 87046 P:505-716-4369 E:[email protected] Contact Us

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Whether youre new or experienced at lead bullet casting, looking for a mould to suit your old 577/450 Martini Henry, your SMLE 303 British, your Martini 310 Cadet or brand new rifle, handgun or shotgun, were sure youll find something so that you can cast your own quality, accurate lead bullets. Primitive Scissors Mold, .600" round ball, for .62 caliber Similar to the antique "possibles bag" style ball mold used by Mel Gibson in the movie The Patriot, this .600" ball is ideal for use in a .62 caliber rifle, or our 20 gauge smooth bore barrel. Made like an original antique ball mold, from the 1750 to 1870 era, this single cavity mold is made of Round Ball Moulds - Precision ReloadingLyman has a full line of round ball moulds for the black powder shooter. Throw perfect, ball after ball, with a minimum sprue to ensure the kind of accuracy that target shooters have come to expect from Lyman precision moulds. Handles not included Recommended size depending on bore diameter. Common usage .54 Caliber.

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Dec 20, 2010 · To study that topic, we must go back to a time when bullets were cast round lead balls. The bore or gauge was determined from the weight of a solid ball of lead that could fit into the barrel. For instance, if a spherical ball weighing 1/10th of a pound could fit into the barrel, then the gun was considered to be 10 bore Bullets, Balls and Slugs - Stonewall Creek OutfittersMay 04, 2021 · If you have a .45 caliber rifle, try a .440 caliber ball/.015 inch patch with 60 grains of real 2f black powder. These are good starting places for you to find what your gun prefers. $8.50.311 Round balls, hand-cast in pure lead:100:$11.50.319 Round balls, hand-cast in pure lead:100:$11.50.350 Round balls, hand-cast in pure lead:100