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Oct 02, 2018 · APIAmerican Petroleum Institute . Number Title API RP 578 . standard or temperature rise or other limitation, specified by the manufacturer. then cooling at a suitable rate for such purposes as reducing hardness, improving machinability, facilitat ing cold working, producing a API 5L:Specification for Line Pipeof the publication can be ascertained from the API Standards department telephone (202) 682-8000. A catalog of API publications, programs and services is published annually and updated biannually by API, and available through Global Engineering Documents, 15 Inv­ erness Way East, MIS C303B, Englewood, CO 80112-5776.

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API Specification 5CT, 10th Edition. We are pleased to announce the publications of the 10 th edition of Specification 5CT, Casing and Tubing, and the 7 th edition of Technical Report 5C3, Calculating Performance Properties of Pipe Used as Casing or Tubing. These new editions provide technical updates that have reached consensus within APIs Subcommittee on Tubular Goods and will now give ASTM Hardness Standards Reference Guide29 rows · C661. Standard Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Elastomeric-type Sealants by Age-Hardened Nickel-Based Alloys for Oil and Gas 2 API STANDARD 6A718 Age-Hardened Nickel-Based Alloys for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Equipment Upstream Segment API STANDARD 6A718 THIRD EDITION, DATE FOREWORD This Standard for Age-Hardened Nickel-Based Alloys was formulated by the API Exploration and Production

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correct, thus API Spec 6A does require hydrostatic seat testing (extended) for all PSL 3G rated valves. Spec 6A 19th Table 7 Table 7 of API 6A, 19th Edition, implies that Charpy impact specimens of sizes 6.7 x 10 mm and 3.3 x 10 mm (ASTM A370 standard sub- sizes) are not permitted. Holly A. HopkinsMar 16, 2017 · establish maximum hardness for bolting material.)Objective is to identify hardness and associated yield limit to prevent HISC in subsea fasteners. API 20E BSL-2 Continuous Cast and BSL-3 Bolts 5 Yield strength/hardness levels/ (105ksi/28HRC, 120ksi/30 HRC, 135ksi/32 HRC, and 150 ksi/35HRC, and 165ksi/38 HRC) Minimum Hardness according to NACE and API 6A - Metal Apr 13, 2010 · For example, an API 75k material designation has a 95ksi tensile requirement. So your minimum hardness would be about 197 BHN and you max would be aboud 235 BHN (= 250 HV or 22 HRc). API doesn't get into hardness for austenitics, but you should be able to find them in an ASTM spec. try ASTM A182 for forgings.

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Comparison of Valve Standards API 6D vs API 608 12 API 6D INDEX API 6D 24TH EDITION, AUGUST 2014 API 608, 4TH EDITION, DECEMBER 2008 Description Sec Description Sec Scope This specification defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball, check, gate, and plug valves Shore Hardness Test - Standards Search Engineering360Feb 01, 2012 · This standard specifies the hardness testing of rubber test pieces and products. The hardness of a rubber is determined by its viscoelastic properties, particularly the elastic modulus as determined in DIN 53504. Type A durometers are suitable for testing in the Supplementary Specification to API Standard 661 Air This specification is written as an overlay to API Standard 661(parent standard), following the clause structure of the parent standard, to assist in cross-referencing the requirements. Where clauses from the parent standard are not covered in this specification, there are no supplementary requirements or modifications to the respective clause.

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HARDNESS. A hardness survey must be performed on one pipe per heat. If the wall thickness is >0.450, the survey consists of three rows of measurements; near the OD, Mid-Wall, and ID. Each row consists of three indentations. For thinner wall pipe, the survey may be limited to one or two rows, as described in API 5CRA figure B.4. [PPT]Development Of New Hardness Conversion Tables For  · Web viewIn the API SC6 TG for API Standard 6A718, alloy manufacturers have identified ASTM E140 Table 3as not being valid for precipitation hardening nickelchromiummolybdenumiron alloys In the API SC6 Task Group for revision of API Spec 6A, members have identified ASTM E140 Table 1 as not being valid for 3martensitic stainless steels &also for both duplex and super duplex stainless steelsTable of Contents - APIApr 29, 2012 · American Petroleum Institute International Standard. 2.1.2 API Specification 6A For material classes DD, EE, FF and HH, the manufacturer shall for material processing and material properties (e.g. hardness). 2.2 REPAIR & REMANUFACTURE Product:Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment 2.2.1 API Specification 6A Annex J.1